Country Music Explosion Magazine is proud to have Grassroots Music Foundation as an Affiliate.Grassroot's mission is to remove the barriers associated with access to music for all people, and to meet the needs of those in the music community, through scholarships, training, and outreach programs.

A WORD ABOUT THE Grassroots Music Foundation and OUR BELIEFS
Music has brought cultures together.Music has healed people.Music should be accessible to all people,no matter who you are or where you live.We believe that the world can be a better place with more music,so we strive to get music to those who need it most.We strive to support fledgling musicians at the grassroots level.We collaborate with musicians, industry,and businesses to bring opportunities to those who may otherwise not have access to music

Currently Grassroots Music Foundation provides the following programs

Kaldyn's Korner - Music Therapy Rooms
Music Camps For Kids
Music Scholarships
Instrument Programs
Music Mentoring Programs For Schools & Students
Music Concerts, events, fundraisers
Musicians Holiday
Operation C Note - Veteran Music Therapy

More Information can be found at their