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Country Music Explosion: Hi Daryl,Thanks for doing this interview,Let's first start off by giving us a little background of your life,then we can proceed to the rest of the interview

Daryl Bazinet:I guess my childhood could be seen as being sheltered. Between the ages of 6 and 18 I went through 4 brain operations. For tumors mainly. My second operation when I was 8 once actually a frontal lobectomy. They removed the entire right frontal lobe of my brain. As a result my parents never really let me participate in contact sports. Out of fear that I may suffer a blow to my head. After my second operation though my parents enrolled me in piano lessons. As therapy to help me recover from my operations. From piano, I moved on to drums, bass, and guitar. And eventually writing, singing and performing my own material. I may not have had a ' normal ' childhood, but I always had music as my best friend. To this day I like to think I owe everything I am to music, and the grace of God. And I believe my music reflects that belief.
Country Music Explosion:When did you start writing about music—and what or who were your early passions and influences?

Daryl Bazinet:I started writing my own music, seriously, about ten years ago. My earliest influences were musicians such as Waylon Jennings, Doug Stone, Doug Supernaw, Collin Raye, Clint Black, and David Ball. As far as writers that influenced me, it would be Max D. Barnes, Paul Overstreet and Harlan Howard.
Country Music Explosion:What are your main impulses to write about music?

Daryl Bazinet:My main influences in writing music would have to be my family, my wife, and life in general and my observations of it.
Country Music Explosion:What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments and pieces in your journalistic work and/or career?

Daryl Bazinet:As far as moments in my career or work that really have made an impact on me and have defined my music I would have to say that being asked to record the song ' Life Is A Hard Blowing Wind ' which was cowritten by one of my songwriting idols, ( and most succesful songwriters of all time) Max D. Barnes, was a big one. The biggest by far however is that while I was recording my first album my dad, my biggest idol, passed away. I dedicated my first album, Father's Son, in his memory and everything I do now is measured against that.
Country Music Explosion:How would you describe and rate the music scene of the city/state you are currently living in and how important is it in terms of what you're actually writing about?

Daryl Bazinet:As far as the state of the music scene where I live, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, it is not what I would call conducive to being a country musician. The music scene is more geared towards dance and electronica. I may have to travel just outside of the city to find a music scene more conducive to my style of music which is why I have considered relocating for the sake of my music.
Country Music Explosion:When it comes to music journalism, what are your criteria for quality? What are currently your main challenges and ambitions as a writer?

Daryl Bazinet:As far as quality goes in my writing and the standards I set, well they are very high. Few of the songs written make the cut but nothing gets thrown away. It may be 6 months or a year down the road but what may seem to be a new idea may actually just be a fresh twist on that idea from 6 months to a year ago. There's no such thing as a bad song write, just the timing of it may be wrong.
Country Music Explosion:What do you usually start with when working on a new piece?and Tell us a bit about the selection process for deciding on what to write about, please. What sources will you draw from for research purposes and how much time goes into research, information gathering and fact-checking in general?

Daryl Bazinet:Whenever I sit down to write, I always will write the chorus first. I have a pretty good idea of what the ' skeleton ' of the song is but by first writing the chorus, or what will be the central repeating theme, I find it easier to ' flush out ' the rest of the song around it. I, as cryptic as it may sound, don't sit down with a preconceived idea of what to write about. I like to think of it as a song choosing me. As many songwriters have said, and I like to think as well, ' He writes the songs, I just hold the pen."
Country Music Explosion:In which way does writing and reading about music change the way it is perceived by the public?

Daryl Bazinet:Music journalism I think has changed in the same way as the way that artists get their music heard. The internet has opened up a whole new world for the music artist and for the listener/ fan. Which I don't think neccesarily changes the way the public perceives music, but does allow them to access music and artists that they most likely never would have been able to before.
Country Music Explosion:When and why did you start playing?

Daryl Bazinet:My journey through music began when I was eight years old. As most parents do, mine placed me in piano lessons when I was 8 years old. Not in the hopes that it would create a life long love of music but as therapy to help me recover from a traumatic brain injury and surgery.
Country Music Explosion: Which instruments do you play?

Daryl Bazinet:I play piano, bass, drums, and guitar.
Country Music Explosion:What was the first tune(s) you learned?

Daryl Bazinet:The first songs I ever learned on guitar were Hank Locklin's ' Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On ' and Ernest Tubb's ' Waltz Across Texas.' Two songs that I still love to play live today.
Country Music Explosion:What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?

Daryl Bazinet:As to where my love of music come from, I would have to say it was my mother. One of my fondest childhood memories is when my mother use to put one of her records on her RCA console record player and sing along. She had the voice of an angel and I truly believe that is where my love of music truly started. Though it was my dad and his love of Charlie Pride and Waylon Jennings that turned my focus to country music.
Country Music Explosion:Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

Daryl Bazinet:Anything really by Waylon Jennings, Collin Raye, Doug Stone, Doug Supernaw, Travis Tritt, Clint Black, David Ball and John Berry
Country Music Explosion:Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD's?

Daryl Bazinet:Waylon Jennings, Collin Raye, Doug Stone, Doug Supernaw, Travis Tritt, Clint Black, David Ball and John Berry for solo acts. Lonestar, Diamond Rio, Alabama, and Sawyer Brown are my favorite groups.
Country Music Explosion:Have you been in competitions? Any prizes?

Daryl Bazinet:I have never really been in competitions as I have never entered them. I have been certain stations ' artist of the day ' and have had songs ranked high in radio show's top 40 through fan voting but have never felt the need to enter a competition.
Country Music Explosion: Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio,

Daryl Bazinet:I do play publically. Whether solo acoustic shows or with a band. Love sharing my music, recording music, etc. but believe playing live is I believe the lifeblood of any musicians. It's an opportunity to make a connection with your fans you never could through a recorded format and the best way to make new fans as well. Radio interviews are a favorite of mine as its a chance for people to get to know me and my music a little bit better. Also looking at doing ' pay per view ' events in the future to allow my fans who normally wouldn't get a chance to see me live, because of distance, to see my live show.
Country Music Explosion:Are you in a band or a solo artist,if your in a band,what is the name of it

Daryl Bazinet:I'm a solo artist. I do know certain musicians that I will use when I play, but consider myself a solo artist. Since a lot of my live performances are just me and a guitar. I really enjoy playing a song live the way it was written. Though certain venues and events to come across better with a full band. Either way it's always billed as Daryl Bazinet.
Country Music Explosion:Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Daryl Bazinet:Yes. I do get nervous, and always have, before a performance. Why when I've done it hundreds of times? Not sure. Human nature maybe. I do believe though that when you lose that nervousness. you lose the edge it gives you as a performer to be at your best. Mistakes shouldn't happen but they do. A live show is about making a connection between yourself and the audience. If they've come to see you, chances are they know something about you. If they see you dwelling on the mistake, they will to. If you just let it go and brush it off so will they.
Country Music Explosion:Do you attend sessions? What makes a good session?How often and for how long do you practice?

Daryl Bazinet:I am currently in the middle of recording my second album now, and have going into learning from my first. Too many artist I think, I know I did with my first, focus on the session instead of the preparation for that session. I usually record in four hour sessions but will easily spend up to 60 hours preparing for that session. Choosing a producer is more important then a lot of artists think. You want a producer that can relate to you and identify with you and what you're attempting to do but also who will challenge you. Who after your hours of preparation will say ' that was great but what if we tried it this way.' Some of the best songs come about that way. Having that second set of ears that will challenge you, and push you to be the best that you can possibly be is invaluable.
Country Music Explosion:How do you balance your music with other obligations - friends,family, job?

Daryl Bazinet:Balancing music with other obligations is always a challenge. With family for example, family always wins. Getting signed to a label, making my living off music would be amazing and a dream come true. But my family already is that dream come true.
Country Music Explosion:are you currently looking to be signed to a label?

Daryl Bazinet:Like every musician, and least I believe like every musician, I would love to be signed by a label. Not because I believe it will be a culmination to all my hard work, it would be just another step in my musical journey. But because I believe the benefits of it would be the advice and guidance that they can offer and the hope that as an artist I can focus solely on the music. Because as any artist that's where you want your focus to be. Having to work on the business side of your music( promoting yourself and your music ) and focusing on the music business of making and writing your music can wear any artist down.
Country Music Explosion:can your music be purchased?

Daryl Bazinet:My music can be purchased through my website at
Country Music Explosion:Do you have social media accounts where fans can reach out to you?

Daryl Bazinet:You can find me on my social media sites @
Country Music Explosion:are you currently doing gigs?if so where?

Daryl Bazinet:I'm currently playing live shows in and around Ottawa. Have never liked the word ' gig' even though it's the accepted standard. But see myself as putting on a show, not gigging. Just a personal preference in wording. Have always lined up several interviews to promote my new album and working on lining up more. And filling that all in with playing various charity events. Looking for the new album to drop no later then this October.
Country Music Explosion:When it comes to your music,Do you have one that You're most proud of?

Daryl Bazinet:Of all the songs I've written I would have to say ' Father's Son ' is the song I am most proud of. Because I was finally able to capture just what my father meant to me, and tell him. My dad was, is, and always will be my idol and to show him just how much he meant to me meant the world to me.
Country Music Explosion:Which of your song's do you feel most people can relate to?

Daryl Bazinet:People seem to relate best to ' Father's Son ' , ' In My Daughter's Eyes ' , and Hello God. Father's Son was written as a tribute to my dad to let him know just how much he meant to me. In My Daughter's Eyes I wrote the day my daughter was born. I came home from the hospital and spent the night writing it. Hello God was written about my feelings and emotions watching my son go through his hospital stay when he was three.
This Concludes the Interview,thanks for reading this section of the magazine..
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