Country Music Explosion:Thanks for doing this interview,Let's first start off by giving us a little background of your life,then we can proceed to the rest of the interview

Background Q&A

Country Music Explosion:Did you live in a small town or big city?

Julia Ann:Small town-Weaverville,NC
Country Music Explosion:Did you attend church?

Julia Ann:Yes, my mom actually went into labor w/me in church
Country Music Explosion:Do you have any brothers or sisters,?if so,Are you the oldest?middle?

Julia Ann:Youngest child..2 brothers:They were 11 & 13 when I was born so I am the youngest
Country Music Explosion:Where did you and your friends like to hang out the most on weekends?

Julia Ann:Skate A Round USA (it was owned by the Powers family)
Country Music Explosion:Did you finish school?

Julia Ann:Yes
Country Music Explosion:What were your fondest memories in school?

Julia Ann:I wrecked my best friend Heath's Thunderbird skipping school my sophmore year.I was putting on lipstick and wasn't paying attention and drove it up on a transformer.
Country Music Explosion:When it comes to friends at school,Do you still stay in contact with them?what kind of things did you all like to do together?

Julia Ann:I do keep in touch with some of them.My best friend since kindergarten passed away May 14,2016 and we were the closest.He was like my brother.We went to concerts,Asheville Tourists Baseball games(Thirsty Thursdays is a big deal in our hometown) Highschool football has always been huge and everyone still goes on Friday nights.
Country Music Explosion:Did you ever get in trouble with your friends?

Julia Ann:Absolutely,lol,Heath and I got into everything you could imagine.We were partners in crime from 5 years old on up
Country Music Explosion:What's the hardest thing you have learned in life?

Julia Ann:I wish I had some profound statement to give for this one however I'm not sure I've learned my hardest lesson yet.I think I've had some hard times,like everyone but I've had my family and GOD to help me through.The day I don't have either of those, well I'd say that will be the hardest lesson...
Country Music Explosion:What is your favorite food?

Julia Ann:Without a doubt,tacos
Country Music Explosion:What is your favorite drink?

Julia Ann:I'm southern,so it's sweet tea
Country Music Explosion:What is your favorite season of the year?

Julia Ann:I'm blessed to live in the mountains of WNC so I get to experience all 4 seasons and I love them all but IF I have to pick one I would say the fall.
Country Music Explosion:What is one moment in your life that you will never forget?

Julia Ann:The first time I ever heard my song "Fallen Angel" on the radio
Country Music Explosion:If you were able to have a super power,which would you rather have?

Julia Ann:To be super I could run around all over the place and get a bunch of stuff done
Country Music Explosion:If your allowed to drink alcohol,which is your favorite?

Julia Ann:Shane McCoy's Underground Rye Moonshine
Country Music Explosion:Is there anything you cant live without?

Julia Ann:GOD...with out HIM I'm nothing
Country Music Explosion:Do you have any animals?if so what kind?

Julia Ann:No,I had a bull mastiff for 14 years and when she passed away she broke my heart so badly I swore off pets
Country Music Explosion:What else can we expect from you in the future?

Julia Ann:To continue writing songs from my heart about my personal experiences that my fans can relate to. A tour in the near future and just to continue growing as an artist and expanding my career and reaching a larger fan base.
Country Music Explosion:What did you like to do growing up? *

Julia Ann:Gosh,I did so much growing up.My parents allowed me to be myself and do whatever I wanted.I liked sports, dance,music,theater,outdoors.
Country Music Explosion:What kind of hobbies did you have growing up and have right now?

Julia Ann:Growing up I played sports,I was into dance,I did musical theater during my summer vacations.Now I am just more focused on my music and acting.I am still active but not in any organized sporting events.
Country Music Explosion:What is your biggest goal in life?

Julia Ann:To be a better person today than I was yesterday.I used to set these huge goals and when I fell short I was always disappointed and it set me back so each day I wake up with the mind set of just being better than yesterday. Don't get me wrong,I have dreams and plans,BIG ONES,and I plan to reach those but in order to get there I know I have to live one day at a time.
Country Music Explosion:What are three of your biggest weaknesses?

Julia Ann:I am too hard on myself.I worry too much.I let what others say/think get to me more than I should
Country Music Explosion:What hidden talents do you have?

Julia Ann:Well now IF I told you then wouldn't be hidden now would they?LOL..I can bake pretty well OR so they say ;)
Country Music Explosion:When & where were you born?Did you grow up to adulthood there?

Julia Ann:I was born in Asheville,NC and yes I have lived here all my life
Country Music Explosion:Where have you lived?What section?

Julia Ann:North Carolina, *Nashville, TN
Country Music Explosion:What year were you born?

Julia Ann:1974
Country Music Explosion:Did you go to college?if so What is your major?

Julia Ann:I went to AB Tech and studied Healthcare.It was in my hometown so I didn't have a roommate
Country Music Explosion:What was a typical weekend like growing up?

Julia Ann:My weekends were filled with sporting events or whatever I had going on.Pageants,modeling jobs,ECT. Saturdays I was usually at the skating ring. Church on Sundays.We always went to my granny Roberts for Sunday dinners after church and ate.My dad is the youngest of 17 and all my aunts,uncles and cousins would be there.We would all gather around the piano and sing.
Country Music Explosion:Were you or your family members involved in the community?What kind of things?

Julia Ann:Yes,my mom taught in the school system for 25 years and my dad coached youth league football and was also an umpire and referee so everyone knows our family. We have also been very involved in local politics.
Country Music Explosion:What role did your parents play in your education?

Julia Ann:Since my mom worked in the school system they played a huge part in my education.I felt like I was always in school.I went when all the other kids were out it seemed.
Country Music Explosion:How was your educational experience from K-12?

Julia Ann:Very stern lol.My mom taught at the school I attended up until my 8th grade year.I was always in the top 10% of my class.
Country Music Explosion:What schools did you attend? Where located?

Julia Ann:I went to Flat Creek Elementary School in Weaverville,NC.North Buncombe Middle and North Buncombe High(Both in Weaverville, NC)and graduated from Clyde A.Erwin High School in Asheville,NC
Country Music Explosion:What kind of activities or organizations were you a part of?

Julia Ann:Drama club,chorus,show choir,band,beta club.I played soccer,softball,basketball,was a cheerleader.Was a state champion clogger
Country Music Explosion:Do you and/or band have social media accounts where fans can reach out to you?if so,what is the URL for them?

Julia Ann:I can be found at the following



BlastFM social media:


Music Q&A

Country Music Explosion:What role did your parents play in your Music Career?

Julia Ann:They have always encouraged me to live my dreams and be whatever I wanted to be
Country Music Explosion:What did your parents and friends say when you told them you wanted to be a singer?

Julia Ann:They have always told me I have a GOD given talent and that I should use it so for me to be a singer was just the natural and right thing to do.
Country Music Explosion:Some Artist sing part time,like a hobby,are you making this a Career or Hobby?

Julia Ann:It's more than a hobby.It's more than a career It's my passion.It's who I am.It's what drives me.I can't imagine being anything or anyone else
Country Music Explosion:What's your most favorite thing about singing?

Julia Ann:The way people relate to my songs.It touches my heart when someone says they love my music.They felt what I was saying and they have been where I have.That's just amazing and beautiful
Country Music Explosion:What's the first concert you attended?

Julia Ann:Reba McEntire/Brooks & Dunn
Country Music Explosion:What genre of music can't you stand to listen to?

Julia Ann:I won't say I "Can't Stand" any of them because I have NOTHING but respect for them all but I prefer to not hear opera if I have a choice
Country Music Explosion:If you could dabble in another genre of music,what would it be?

 Julia Ann:R&B
Country Music Explosion:What kind of music do you listen to today?

Julia Ann:Country/heavy metal/hiphop/r&b/bluegrass
Country Music Explosion:What embarrassing songs might we find on your MP3 player?

Julia Ann:Hanson (Um Bop)
Country Music Explosion:When it comes to your music,Do you have one that You're most proud of?If so what is the name of it?

Julia Ann:Fallen Angel
Country Music Explosion:Can you tell us if there is a story behind the song?

Julia Ann:Fallen Angel comes from a really dark and hard time in my life.It's"MY STORY"and if you listen to it then you will know who I am.It tell's you maybe what I can't.The last few lines of the song gives it away that I am telling you about myself.
Country Music Explosion:Which of your song's do you feel most people can relate to?Can you tell us the story behind the song?

Julia Ann:Fallen Angel.The reason people can relate to it is because even though it's written about me and what I've been through and who I am it's worded in such a way that each listener can relate it to his or her own personal experiences.
Country Music Explosion:What message are you trying to send with your music?

Julia Ann:I just want people to know me personally,know my story,my battles,my victories and my defeats.To see where I have been,where I am and where I am going.To hopefully relate to some of it and be inspired.To reach out,if it's to me then great,if it's to someone else then that's great too just as long as they are moving forward in life,taking the good with the bad,bettering themselves.I've been through some things and my fans get parts of that in my music.We've all got a story to tell in this life,it's all in how we tell and what we do with it.I just want to help others and through my music I believe I can.
Country Music Explosion:What age group is your music aimed towards?

Julia Ann:I feel like it touches a pretty big age span.I've got something for everyone.I'm somewhere mid stream with an old soul but I'm still youthful enough to kick it with the cool kids ha ha
Country Music Explosion:What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

Julia Ann:I'm country with some grass root undertones(& you may even hear a southern gospeI flair every now & then) have several influences in a wide range.Dolly Parton,Tammy Wynette,Patsy Cline,Reba,Lorrie Morgan,Pam Tillis,Wynonna, Faith Hill,Suzy Bogguss,Martina McBride,Miranda Lambert,Emmylou Harris,Rhonda Vincent,Dottie Rambo,Vestal Goodman, Sheri Easter,Peg McKamey,& last but certainly not least is Keith Whitley & his brother Dwight
Country Music Explosion:What are your songs about?(What specific themes do they cover?)

Julia Ann:I guess we could all say"LIFE"but the songs I've written lately have covered the last few years of my life. My personal experiences.The loss of my best friend,Heath.The heartaches I've had.The dark place I was in.Finding myself again.The life lessons.The people I've met. Experiences I've had.Things I've seen others go through.
Country Music Explosion:What image do you think your music conveys?

Julia Ann:I think it conveys me..Julia Ann.Nothing more or nothing less.I think when you hear my music you see me...
Country Music Explosion:How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a singer?At the time did you know what Genre you wanted to sing ?

Julia Ann:I think I've always known this is what I would do.My mom says I came into the world singing.She says I hummed before I talked. Country has always been in my blood.
Country Music Explosion:Music-sharing sites and blogs as well as a flood of releases in general are presenting both listeners and artists with challenging questions. What's your view on the value of music today?

Julia Ann:Oh wow,I think there are some really amazing talent out there now.So much good stuff being put out daily.It blows my mind what is in the indie arena.I think music is at a turning point It's changing quickly.It's nothing like it used to be.There are so many new & different ways to be seen & heard & get noticed.With all the new options comes new challenges as well.It makes it more difficult to find your way in the industry.I think that it's interesting with that being said because as music is evolving as a whole I see country music going back to its roots,back to when country music was well,"Country."
Country Music Explosion:Which instruments do you play?

Julia Ann:I play piano and chop "at" a mandolin lol
Country Music Explosion:Is your family musical?

Julia Ann:I have singers and musicans on both my mother and father's sides
Country Music Explosion:Describe your family member's musical interests and abilities.

Julia Ann:My dad sang in a gospel quartet when I was a kid.Both my parents traveled in a youth choir when I was an infant.I have bluegrass pickers on both sides of my family as well
Country Music Explosion:Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Julia Ann:Keith Whitley:He sang from his heart.When you listened to him live or on a recording he sounded the same. Whatever he was singing about,he made you feel it.Music is a journey,each song is a trip.When Keith was singing,he took you there.He wasn't a perfect man but he was real.
Country Music Explosion:Which famous musicians have you learned from?

Julia Ann:I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best on the business.I have shared the stage with 10 time grammy winning fiddle player Bobby Hicks and he taught me a lot about bluegrass music.
Country Music Explosion:What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town? *

Julia Ann:My Granny Roberts lived in a house next door to me all my life until she passed away when I was 14.She always cooked a huge lunch on Sundays and after church all my Daddy's brothers/sisters and my cousins would all come over to eat.Granny had an old piano in the dining room and when we finished eating we would all gather around the piano and sing.I couldn't wait to get home on Sunday's and get with my family to sing.To me it was the most beautiful sound ever.
Country Music Explosion:What do you practice-exercises,new tunes,hard tunes, etc.?

Julia Ann:I am always singing it seems.With the radio,with tracks,vocal exercises, etc.
Country Music Explosion:How do you balance your music with other obligations - friends,family, job?

Julia Ann:I just work around bookings.My family is supportive and whenever they can they go with me.
Country Music Explosion:Are you currently looking to be signed to a label?If your signed,can you give us a little insight on how you see the way things are done?is it like a big family? *

Julia Ann:I am hoping to get signed with a label
Country Music Explosion:Do you have any new releases coming out soon?if so,what is the name of the song,Album and is it available now for pre-order?

Julia Ann:I am currently writing with some talented musicians/singers/songwriters out of Kentucky.This fall should prove to be exciting for me musically
Country Music Explosion:Where can your music be purchased?

Julia Ann:It can be purchased on Cd Baby
Songwriting Q&A

Country Music Explosion:Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time?

Julia Ann:I write my own stuff. I write about my life experiences,both past and present.I am sure that as life changes my topics will change with that.I am also inspired by things that others say to me.For instance a friend of mine was talking about having a Caddy and a pick up,their description of that triggered many lyrics almost immediately.
Country Music Explosion:Is there a certain time you set or a certain place to write songs?

Julia Ann:No,when it hits,lol it just hits.I have lyrics written on almost everything from envelopes to napkins to grocery bags, etc.
Country Music Explosion:Do you find song writing to be difficult and need some sort of help or do they come to you very easy?

Julia Ann:They seem to come and go.It's like I will get a flood of songs and then hit a dry spell and I couldn't buy a lyric ha ha
Country Music Explosion:When it comes to writing your songs..Do the songs just come to you,then you write them or Do you have to meet with a publisher and/or other songwriters?

Julia Ann:I haven't ever done any co-writing but I am starting to set some things up and I am excited about some of the talented people I will be working with in the future.
Country Music Explosion:How would you describe and rate the music scene of the city/state you are currently living in and how important is it in terms of what you're actually writing about?

Julia Ann:Asheville,NC is full of talent and you can find any genre you want in downtown on a warm night.I am blessed to live where I do.
Country Music Explosion:When it comes to song writing, what are your criteria for quality? What are currently your main challenges and ambitions as a writer?

Julia Ann:I don't set expectations so I don't disappoint myself and I don't set limitations so I don't get a mental block either
Country Music Explosion:What do you usually start with when working on a new Music?

Julia Ann:I seem to get lyrics and melody at the same time for some reason.I here a tune as I get the words.
Country Music Explosion:Tell us about the selection process for deciding on what to write about,please. What sources will you draw from for research purposes and how much time goes into research,information gathering and fact-checking in general?

Julia Ann:My life and my experiences are my sources.I guess I would be the fact checker lol I've lived it or seen it so I can tell my story better than anyone I think.
Country Music Explosion:How do you see the role of a song writer in the creative process? Should it amplify public taste,distinguish the good from the bad, inform, promote artists,or“illuminate,educate and entertain”fans?Do you feel that,as part of your work,music needs to be explained or should it retain its“inexplicable nature”?

Julia Ann:I don't think you can or should "rein" in music.It's a creative flow and a creative process and when you start putting too many factors in it you kill the entire vibe.
Country Music Explosion:Whom do you feel your obligation is to..Other Artists or the fans,and how much do you feel is songwriting restricted by external factors?

Julia Ann:I feel my obligation is always to the fans.They deserve my best no matter what I am doing.Songwriting or performing.
Country Music Explosion:When and why did you start writing songs?

Julia Ann:Because I have a need to say something,to express myself,get a point across.Because I want to share a piece of myself with my fans.
Touring,Concert,Performing Q&A

Country Music Explosion:Where would you most like to perform?

Julia Ann:The Grand Ole Opry
Country Music Explosion:Who would you most like to open for?

Julia Ann:Miranda Lambert
This Concludes the interview,We hope you enjoyed it.