Salter Gann Universal Promotions and Management is a full-service artist management agency. They specialize in the development and management of Country Indie Music Artists.The agency offers management,promotion,social media promotion,radio airplay,working with booking agents to book artist,and ultimately seeking a record label signing.Phyllis — “As a manager,She handles the daily business of the artist.She works very closely with her artists on a regular basis looking for new ways to market music--it’s about branding your artist and in today's world, there are many, many different avenues to take. As a result of working so close to her artists they become more like family. The group of artists under her management has developed into a close knit family.They are all about supporting each other in all aspects of life.The music and acting business is tough,and they understand that,so having a family to get you through makes a world of difference.” Under her management for 3 Years Country Music Artist Drake King became a co partner in the company  over a year ago...More information can be found at their website..